trash trolls and toad pools poems & photos from the lost valley of the fairies

david devanny & becky screeton,

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love sonnet

we were little turbo shallots

when we tumbled down the doomtube

when we scrunched ourselves into almond shapes

when we did turnips down the flu

and due to the big house terror

we would dither like weathercocks

weasel like sludge molluscs

plastering sequins and diamanté in the mud

on our bodies at random

we were little turbo shallots

onion cartwheel weaver cartons in landfill

we were hypocrite quorn burger loyalist

bovril advert beef fakes we chewed

the drab ligaments of lift off love

fish rubber syntax trees

farm growth sounds growth gill  swimbladder ancestor fish

sacred rubber armour

or sounds or ur sounds

dry mythologies trees jails

predator syntax

lamprey organ couch

specialized sentence species  compound trees sugars

waterproof study

water harvest water seed

ready wide ready

the instead fish fish

the fish instead fish fish fish  the fish fish the fish

word fish fish the fish

fish fish the fish fish fish fish  fish word fish fish fish


petrol brick fungus

the cryptic lifestyle of the petrol brick fungus  can be divided into three devotional processes

the first is a biogeology of secret ancient magic  otherwise known as slime

a digestive petrol structure

crude adhesive pharma brick liquid

the second is fungal bear secretion  catalysed by mason bees and fruit flies

this dna trash slops out from the fungus  after it has formed black sticky substructures

and finally always it ends in fairy spores  delicate and light

some caught up on a breeze will raise  up over the tip over the city fields mountains seas

About the author

david devanny & becky screeton,

David Devanny is a lecturer and PhD candidate at Falmouth University. He is a poet and multimedia artist. His research uses both quantitative and qualitative data to perform a cultural analysis of poetry publication, specifically with regards to digitisation. He has presented research at a number of peer-reviewed conferences including E-Poetry, The British and Irish Contemporary Poetry Symposium and the Electronic Literature Organisation (for more details about research please see section below). David co-runs the specialist poetry publishing house The New Fire Tree Press and teaches in the School of Writing & Journalism.