Revenant is a peer-reviewed e-journal dedicated to academic and creative explorations of the Supernatural, the Uncanny and the Weird.

Committed to the scholarly, academic and creative exploration of the supernatural in its multiple, variable and fantastic forms this inter-disciplinary journal encourages discussion about the supernatural or the weird in literature, history, folklore, philosophy, science, religion, sociology and all aspects of popular culture.

All areas of discussion are welcome and we invite for example articles on classic Victorian ghost stories, Shakespeare’s ghosts, standing stones, architecture, film, television, games or new media.

Revenant promotes new writing on the supernatural, the uncanny and the weird and we are looking to publish ghost stories, tales of the extraordinary, poems and nature writing.

NB We are only accepting work for specified special issues. We are not accepting general submissions. 

Articles should be of 4000 to 7000 words in length and short stories no more than 5000 words long. Reviews should be concise. Read our full submission guidelines.

Please submit all manuscripts either to the editors of a special issue and/or to:  [email protected]

There are also opportunities for guest edited editions.

Revenant is committed to Green politics and emphasises that the ‘natural’ is part of the super-natural.