Issue 7: Revolution in the Dead: The Cultural Evolution of the Zombie. Guest Editor Anthony Anderson (with special thanks to Colin Younger)

December 2021

Issue 6: Performing Fairy. Guest editors Fay Hield and Kevan Manwaring

February 2021

Issue 5: Folk Horror. Guest Editor Dawn Keetley

March 2020

Issue 4: Gothic Feminisms: Guest Editors Frances Kamm and Tamar Jeffers McDonald 

March 2019

Issue 3: Fearful Sounds: Cross-Platform Studies of Sonic Audio and Horror, Guest Editor: Danielle Barrios-O’Neill (Falmouth University)

March 2018

Issue 2: Werewolves: Studies in Transformation, Guest editors: Kaja Franck and Janine Hatter

December 2016

Issue 1: Winter 2015

November 2015

Welcome to Revenant: Critical and Creative Studies of the Supernatural Welcome to the inaugural issue of Revenant. Revenant is concerned with the supernatural in all its manifestations, forms and guises. The supernatural encompasses a vast array of phenomena, experiences, fictions and histories, so it is unsurprising that ideas about what exactly is ‘supernatural’ are various, […]